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St. Gerard's YM Serves Rosie's Place

Saint Gerard Middle School Students serving dinner at Rosie's Place Women's Shelter 



Our program of YOUTH MINISTRY OUTREACH is now going into its 16th year and we are very proud of our accomplishments, our young people, our youth directors and our truly wonderful parish which supports us and encourages us every inch of the way and in whose name we do our mission.

"At one point or another, most of us have envisioned ourselves helping the poor of our world. However, very few of us actually take on this challenge, this hands-on approach, this noble goal of humbling ourselves, of living and working with those less fortunate.  Let us be reminded, helping the poor is foundational to our Catholic faith. St. Rose of Lima declared: 'When we serve the poor and the sick, we serve Jesus. We must not fail to help our neighbors, because in them we serve Jesus.'"

Here at Saint Gerard’s, our parish goal is to reach out to others, and to inspire our high school students to reach out to others. We try to not only hear God’s Word, but to follow it, in the best way we know how. We rally our most young, our most energetic, our most selfless, and our most promising leaders of tomorrow. We propel them into the lives of others who are struggling and know that not only will they perhaps make someone’s life a little better, but that they will come back stronger in their own sense of accomplishment, wiser in their view of the world, more appreciative for what they have, less envious of what they have not, more compassionate for their fellow man, more humble and more understanding of Jesus’ word and their faith. Their “outreach” truly brings to THEM far more benefits than those they have helped. The youth bring the energy, the sweat, and the resources. Saint Gerard supplies the financial resources, the prayers, love and thanks.  

All of our Youth Ministry work is done in conjunction with organizations and individuals that live the mission throughout the year, 365 days, 24 hours a day.       

Our best work is done in the community environment, where we can build a relationship with the people, in the name of Saint Gerard Majella Parish.

Committee Heads Christmas Party2017

Committee Heads Christmas Party 2017




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♦ Where do you see the see the hand of God in your life?

♦ Whose life have you touched?

♦ Whose situation in life has touched your heart?

♦ What issues in your life do you struggle with?

♦ How does helping others inspire us to deal with our own problems?


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