All trips are now finalized. Thank you all for your interest in this year’s outreach program. Please check back next year. 

St. Gerard's Outreach program happens every summer. Our trips go to Olive Hill, Kentucky; Disaster Relief in various locations; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; New Orleans; Detroit; Louisiana; Boston Soup Kitchens; NH Outward Bound up Mt.Washington.

Qualified CYO members must apply and be chosen for a trip.

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St. Gerard's Youth Ministry Kentucky Outreach 2016

St. Gerard's Youth Ministry Kentucky Outreach 2016


Committee Heads:

  • Please check back next season for details.

Any questions please contact stgerardoutreach@gmail.com.  

Youth Outreach FAQs

When do the trips take place?

Each trip is one week and their dates change every year, but they are usually in late July, or early August.

What types of trips are offered?

A Habitat for Humanity‐based trip, doing reconstruction of homes in the coal mining regions of rural Kentucky. Living among the impoverished in inner‐city Philadelphia to assist in running the neighborhood soup kitchen. Disaster relief: could be at almost any location in the U.S where a disaster has occurred.  A combination of Outward Bound and working with the inner city needy.

Am I eligible to go on these trips as a freshman? 


How do I qualify to partake in Outreach?

You have to be involved in CYO on the local front before you can be considered for a summer trip. Ways that you can get involved include regular participation in Father Bills, Operation Lazarus, JR. CYO events, Teen Mass, Sojourner House, retreats, CYO Basketball and any other additional Outreach projects.

Do I have to pay to go on the trips? What if I cannot afford it?

There will be a required deposit of $250, to be returned with your application.  An additional $200 is due at our Spring Outreach meeting for a total of $450. It is suggested that the applicant obtain this balance by fundraising.  If necessary, Mike and Fr. Copp will confidentially review individual financial situations and will help if needed. Your financial situation will not be a factor in whether or not you are eligible for participation.  

Can I choose which trip I go on?

We take your choice into account, but we ultimately place you based on where we see fit; based on the destination and the needs of the group. After all, our mission is to reach out to others, regardless of where, how, and why.

Do I need to be a parishioner at Saint Gerard's to attend an Outreach trip?

It is a factor as it is St. Gerard that sponsors our trips, but our selections are predominantly based upon your involvement in CYO, regardless of whether or not you are a parishioner of St. Gerard's / Catholic.

When will I be notified as to whether or not I can go on a trip?

We begin the selection process in April and will notify you in early May.

What if I am inexperienced in construction or manual labor?

Our objective is to keep our groups as well‐rounded as possible, so we need people with a variety of skills and talents in order to be successful.

How many times can I go to one location? 

You may travel to the same area for a max of 3 times, during your high school years. Then we would like you to travel somewhere else so you can get a well rounded experience through the Outreach program.

Does past participation in CYO contribute to consideration for this year's trips?

Current involvement in CYO is most critical while past participation is taken into consideration.

Who will the advisers be for these trips?

The advisers for the trips have not been fully decided yet. Past advisers will be moved around so that each one gets a chance to be a part of every trip. The advisors trip destinations will be decided sometime in late Spring.



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